A. Pudding has to be banoffee pie though a bloody good apple pie can also be tempting. And cake is a chocolate banana cake I make myself. It’s lush and also massive.
A. I’m from South Shields which is on the coast in the North East. Catherine Cookson was also from there and I think Ridley Scott lived there for a fortnight when he was a bairn.

A. I’m going back on tour very soon. It’s being booked right now so as soon as I know when and where we’re going, I’ll post it up on the tour pages. If you get on my mailing list, I can let you know.

A. The trick is that every different show has a different title. My first tour and DVD were called Chatterbox. My second, Thoroughly Modern Millican. My third, Home Bird. Fourth was Outsider. The last one was called Control Enthusiast. The new one has a title but I can’t tell you it yet. So as a rule, check out the name and then you’ll know if you’ve seen it or not. Each show has totally different jokes.

A. Because the people on the mailing list have priority. Get on it, you big silly.

A. On the last tour, I went to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and parts of Europe. I would very much like to go to all of those places again and more but let’s see what’s feasible. I’ll let you know.

A. Nope but if you pop your email address in the box below, I’ll be able to email you with news plus you’ll be able to buy tour tickets early.

A. 16+ in most venues though some specify 18 so check with each venue/Sadly not as it’s an adult show for adults. I am very rude. Filth wise. I’m always polite.

A. No plans to. I’m enjoying touring at the moment.

A. You have to just do it. Write some jokes and find an open mic night to try them out. There’s a whole chapter on this in my book which you can buy, listen to or watch me read to you on my YouTube channel.

Also, Stuart Goldsmith’s Comedian’s Comedian Podcasts are brilliant and free.

On writing, my particular favourite guests are Gary Delaney, Dan Evans and Adam Bloom.

DO IT. And good luck.

A. Aww, you guys. *twirls around in nightie, beaming*


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