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A. My new tour, Late Bloomer is listed here and on sale now.

These are just the UK and Ireland shows. We will hopefully be adding shows in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in time.

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A. My first 3 shows (Chatterbox, Thoroughly Modern Millican and Home Bird) are on my YouTube channel for free here  alongside countless clips of TV shows I’ve been on. If you’re in the UK, you can buy Outsider and Control Enthusiast too. My latest show, Bobby Dazzler is available worldwide from here.

Not at the shows. But they are available online from here. Keep an eye as we’re hoping to add more.

The dresses I’ve been wearing on stage and on telly for the last few years are from Zuri. They’re beautiful and also comfy and have pockets. This is not an ad. Very happy to pay for them.

A. I kind of love it. It’s a great way to make people laugh with short clips. And I also really like make up videos*

*ear wax removal videos

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A. Red/Frasier/Banoffee pie/Thelma and Louise

A. No, I just want to sit in his hand like on King Kong.